JT Merlin square shower tray from JT is a beautiful shower
tray which is designed to meet the highest standards of the modern world, to
add a picturesque touch to your home bathroom suite. The shower tray has easy
plumb and access, so therefore is easy to install within your home. You never
have to worry about any breakages or defaults with the Merlin trays as they’re
manufactured from the highest quality, strongest ABS capped acrylic stone
resin, so durability and value for money is a guarantee. The anti-slip version
of the tray is suitable for all the family to use without any worry. Waste is
not included within the price; however, we do sell a range of waste systems
which would suit the merlin square shower tray. A 50mm waste system would be
suitable. The Merlin sqaure shower tray is available in five different sizes,
therefore there should certainly be a merlin tray to perfectly suit your
bathroom suite.


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