Peralstone Single Entry shower Tray from Ultra is a 40mm slimline
height shower tray which is made from the strongest, highest quality material,
so a durable product is a guarantee for use within your family home. The single-entry
tray is up to 30% lighter than conventional stone resin trays making them easy
and safe to fit and handle. The tray can be fitted into the floor creating a
wet room, flush to the floor as standard, or raised above the floor with the
easy plumb fitting kit. The tray is acrylic capped and constructed from a
polyurethane resin. The single-entry tray will not experience any shrinkage,
warping or twisting, and if any of these did ever occur, they come with a
manufactures lifetime guarantee. The tray has a waste system in the centre of
the curved bow of the tray in order to maximise showering space and comes in one
size variation only due to its unique style. The unique single entry tray will certainly
add a unique glow to your home bathroom suite.


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