The T150Z Pumped Thermostatic shower from Triton is a
shower which everyone can enjoy, and feel safe using, with a relaxing shower
experience. The kit has a functional design, simple controls and advanced
safety features to bring total peace of mind for all your family. The shower
has an integrated pump and is designed for homes where water pressure is low.
The T150Z pumped shower has a rub clean shower head with five different spray
patterns for the ultimate, relaxing shower experience. The T150Z has a push
button start and stop system which enables you to select your favourite shower
setting every time you use it. Safety is a guarantee as the temperature of the water
is constantly regulated by its thermostatic control, complying with BEAB Care
for safe showering. The shower is designed to suite bathrooms and modern wet
rooms, and will provide a warm, welcoming glow within your bathroom suite.


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