The Tavistock range from the Pure bathrooms collection,
includes a range of stunning bathroom appliances which are perfect for every
modern bathroom suite, with a stylish, picturesque design, known as the tempo
range. The appliances are available in a range of four colours, each of which sets
a different feel within your bathroom environment. The White adds a light,
glowing touch to your home, whilst the gloss grey and light java add a smoother
more subtle touch, and the dark java adds a warmer, homelier feel. Please see
the drop-down menu above for selection.

The Tempo range includes a 500-floor mounted curved unit which
is designed to be a perfect two in one unit for your home bathroom suite which
provides all the storage you’ll ever need. The unit has two forward opening doors
which play host to a large storage area for all your bathroom essentials,
ensuring that your home suite stays clean and tidy. The unit stands tall and
compact, and has a picturesque, fine white ceramic wash basin on top. The beautiful
wash basin has a single tap hole and an integrated overflow system but doesn’t come
with taps, however we do sell a range which would suite. The unit has a space
saving design to is perfect for use within any home. The 500-floor mounted
curved unit is available in one size only.

460 x 815 x 420


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