The Tavistock furniture from the Pure bathrooms collection
includes many beautiful, modern appliances which are perfect for use in the
everyday home. The range includes many products which are essential to everyday
life, with an appliance available for every need. The Tavistock range includes
a beautiful range of products known as the Lansdown. The products within this
range are available in a choice of three stunning colours, each in a different
tone which adds a different touch and feel to your home. The colours include a
linen which is almost like a bright white, which’ll brighten up your home suite,
whilst a pebble grey adds a smooth, subtle finish, and a dark grey adds a
warmer homelier feel to your suite. Please see the drop-down menu above for
colour selection.

The Lansdown range includes a beautiful mirror which a
chose colour around the outside for added beauty. The stunning mirrors are wall
hung and can be placed at any height which is most convenient for you and all
your family. The mirrors brighten up your bathroom suite and are available in one
size only.

570 x 800

Lansdown Colours

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