The Vodas 8 shower side panels from synergy are made from Vodas
easy clean glass, which is a nano technology coating which is applied to the
glass at the factory. The hydrophobic coating seals microscopic holes in the
glass making water stream off, preventing limescale and soap deposits, keeping
your shower enclosure clean, stylish and glowing in your home. The glass is 8mm
thick so is certainly strong and durable, making the side panels suitable for
any family home. The side panels have chrome plated, top cover caps which
elicit a professional appearance from every angle. The Vodas 8 side panels come
in a range of sizes to suit all bathrooms of all shapes and sizes, please see
the drop-down menu above for more details and selection. The side panels are
designed to add a picturesque, elegant glow to your home suite. The side panels
can be matched with shower doors to make a complete shower enclosure.


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