Vodas 8 offset quadrant shower enclosure from synergy Is
made from the Vodas easy clean glass, which is a nano technology coating which
is applied to the glass at the factory. The hydrophobic coating seals
microscopic holes in the glass making water stream off, preventing limescale
and soap deposits, keeping your shower enclosure clean, stylish and glowing in
your home. The offset quadrant has chrome plated, top cover caps which elicit a
professional appearance from every angle. The Vodas enclosures all have a
magnetic closing system. The Vodas 8 offset is available in three different size
variations, in an attempt to suit all bathroom suites of all shapes and sizes.
Please see the drop-down menu above for more details and selection. The offset
quadrant is designed to sit in the corner of your bathroom taking up as little
room as possible, whilst adding a warm, welcoming glow to your home. The Offset
is virtually the same as the standard quadrant, however it is slightly elongated
In comparison.


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