The Mode dual shower from Mira showers, is a picturesque,
modern shower which is designed to be the central piece in any home with its
latest thermostatic technology. The stunning shower comes in two variations,
with the ceiling fed option having a shower head which projects directly down from
the ceiling, and the rear fed having a shower head coming out from the wall
behind. Both options boast a beautiful shower head which produces a spa quality
soak. There is a second shower head which sits on an adjustable rail, so each
individual user can adjust the height of the shower to one which suits
themselves, this results in the most comfortable, ultimate showering experience.
The shower has a stylish push-button control which provides a clean and minimalist
look which is perfect for a contemporary bathroom. The shower is finished in a
fine chrome to add a warm, welcoming glow to your bathroom suite.

The Mode Dual




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