Type 22 Radiator

Double Convector Radiator

Type 22 radiator has two panels with
two set of fins; the two rows of fins give it the name double convector
radiator. This type of central heating water radiator will suit a wide range of
applications including larger bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, bathrooms and

Double Panel Rads

When you’re heating a larger room then you’ll want a
convector radiator which has more panels and fins to help generate plenty of
heat. The design of Type 22 central heating water radiators allows you to heat
your larger room without having to buy too many radiators.

High Heat Output

Double panel, double convector radiators are central heating
water radiators that are very effective at heating; especially medium to larger
rooms. When buying Type 22 radiators always check the BTU ratings to ensure
your room will be fully heated by any radiator you choose. A Type 22 radiator
is a popular choice for many as it can heat medium to large spaces.


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