The Fusion range from the
Hudson Reed furniture collection includes a set of single fitted, full depth
units which are perfectly designed for the modern-day bathroom suite. The
products are available in a range of colours, with a total of six to choose
from, with each adding a different tone and feel within your bathroom suite.
The colours include a bright gloss white which lightens up your home, a subtle
natural oak and driftwood, and a darker grey avola, hacienda black and gloss
grey which’re designed to add a warmer texture to your home. The selection
enables you to customise your home bathroom suite more towards your own
likings. Please see the drop-down menu above for selection.

single fitted unit range includes a 300mm drawer line unit, which is similar to
the 500mm unit, just a smaller variation. The 300mm drawer line unit has a
small draw at the top which offers a small storage area for some of your
bathroom essentials. The unit also has a large, forward opening door which
plays host to a large shelved storage area for more of your bathroom
essentials. The unit itself is compact and sleek, so can be placed anywhere in
your home suite which suits yourself. Despite being a small unit, this doesn’t
minimimse the style and sophistication of the 300mm drawer line unit.

H864 x
W300 x D355mm


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