The Swallow bath from Eastbrook bathrooms is a comfortable bath with a pedigree which can be found in many five-star
hotels around the world. The bath includes an integral soap dish and a half length textured base, with optional twin grips available. The Swallow bath doesn’t come with a pre-fitted waste system, and doesn’t come with taps, however, we do
sell a range of taps which would suit. The Swallow bath is manufactured from a choice of 5mm thick, reinforced acrylic, or Carronite which provides a strong support system that acts as an insulator, retaining heat, to provide the best
bathing experience possible. The Swallow bath comes with a 10-year guarantee.


1700mm Length x 700mm Width x 365mm Depth,
Capacity 155 Litres


Carronite was created by Carron Bathrooms to provide a higher level of comfort, luxury and peace of mind for our customers.
All Carron Bathrooms baths are hand finished to our exacting standards but only Carronite baths, with the unique, patented, triple-layer reinforcement system come with a 30 year guarantee – proof of the confidence Carron have in Carronite.


Carronite baths are stronger and heavier than standard acrylic baths. The additional finishing layers crafted during the Carronit process create a uniquely reinforced product.
The added weight requires a bespoke fitting system that only adds to the stability and rigid feel of our Carronite baths.
These elements combined help deliver the Carronite experience.

About Carron Baths:

The Story of Carron

In 1759, the original Carron Company formed the now famous ironworks on the banks of the River Carron. The company rode the wave of the Industrial Revolution and was famed for their short-barrelled naval cannons, Carronades, used by the Royal Navy up until the 1850s.

The Name for Baths
As times changed the Carron Company moved into the production of everyday products ranging from stoves and engines to letterboxes and the famous red phone boxes still to be found throughout the country today.

Before long, the Carron Company began to manufacture sinks and baths but as the market changed and the original Carron Company came to a close, Carron Bathrooms took over and continued the manufacturing of baths on the same site the original company started over 250 years ago.

Since then, they have been at the forefront of modern bath design and as techniques change and new processes emerge, Carron Bathrooms can still be relied on to produce baths with skill and precision, never losing sight of what makes Carron baths great, craftsmanship.

All our baths go through an eight-stage process before leaving the factory floor. From moulding to packaging, every stage is monitored and finished by hand. This leaves us so confident in our products that we offer a minimum 20-year guarantee on every Carron bath.

Bath Options

1700 x 700 Plain 2TH 5mm, 1700 x 700 TG 2TH 5mm, 1700 x 700 Super 8 Plain 8mm, 1700 x 700 Super 8 TG 8mm, 1700 x 700 TG Carronite

Bath Panel options

Quantum Front Panel, Quantum Carronite, Universal End Panel, Carronite End Panel


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