Carron Urban Swing Shower Bath – 1575 x 850mm With Carronite Coating 

The Carron Urban Swing Shower Bath (1575 x 850mm) with Carronite Coating is a combination of comfort and style and is the perfect choice if you require both a bath and shower but don’t have enough room for a dedicated shower unit. Carron Baths are made in Scotland and are available at Rubberduck Bathrooms.

This Carron Bath comes with a number of options which can be selected from the drop down boxes above when purchasing this item. This bath comes with a standard 5mm thickness as well as the Carronite coating, Carron’s special material with a 30 year warranty.

Product Specification:

  • Length: 1575mm
  • Width: 850mm
  • Depth: 420mm
  • Height: 540mm
  • Capacity: 225 Litres
  • Product Code (Bath): Q4-02432
  • Product Code (Front Panel): Q4-02440
  • Product Code (L Shaped Panel): Q4-02441
  • Product Code: (Shower Screen):Q4-02347

What is Carronite?

Carronite is Carron’s unique manufacturing process. They are so confident in the strength and quality of Carronite that they offer a 30 year manufacturer warranty.

Carron have carried out numerous tests to demonstrate that Carronite baths:

Retain Heat:
Carronite baths will retain heat for approx. 20 minutes longer than a standard acrylic bath. This is based on a starting temperature of 55 degrees Celsius and reducing to 45 degrees Celsius.

Amazingly Strong:
They are much stronger than standard acrylic baths.  Based on measuring the extent to which a cut section of a bath will bend when a 1kg weight is attached to it. A standard bath will bend to 56mm and the Carronite bath will bend to only 45mm. This makes them around 30% stronger than standard acrylic baths.

Unique Design:
Carron baths have a unique cradle support system, this has been designed to cope with the additional weight of the Carronite material. Once installed, the bath’s stability and rigidity prevent movement, this tackles the problem of baths sealing when movement occurs.

How does Carronite work?

The incredible strength of a Carronite bath comes from a unique triple layer reinforcement system. The additional weight means the bath requires to be fitted with a unique cradle support system. The combination of the bath itself and the cradle system ensure the rigidity and stability of the bath for years.

Warm, durable, high gloss, easy clean finish, formed from 5mm acrylic.

High technology, rigid reinforcement.

18mm Baseboard:
Totally encapsulated for total rigidity.

Bath Panel Options

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